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The Beautification Committee leads our efforts to make our community looking its best.  Recent initiatives include restoration of the fence at the Birchwood Park Drive entrance to the community.  Additionally, this group maintains the plantings at all entrances to East Birchwood.

Community Action

The Community Action Committee mobilizes the BCA’s participation in organizing and participating in initiatives of interest to our community.  Recent activities include negotiations with the United States Postal Service - resulting in the return of the recently removed postal collection box at the corner of Maytime Drive and Birchwood Park Drive. 


The Constitution Committee recently revised the BCA’s bylaws.  The bylaws had not been updated in many years; they now provide the flexibility for the BCA to grow and thrive in a manner that best serves the interests of our membership.

Jericho Education

The Jericho Education Committee serves as a liaison to the Jericho School District and reports to the Board of Directors on a regular basis.   Recent activities include recommendations to our membership regarding the 2005 – 2006 School Budget.  BCA has recently restructured the Jericho Education Committee with the intent of  providing complete and thorough analysis of budgetary, as well as educational, input to our membership.

Syosset Education

The Syosset Education Committee serves as a liaison to the Syosset School District and reports to the group about recent developments.  The Committee gives reports from recent meetings of the Board of Education.  Recent activities include screening of candidates for the School Board, recommendations regarding the 2005 – 2006 budget, etc.


The Membership Committee’s responsibilities include: the annual dues mailing(s), as well as the maintenance of a roster of current members.  Membership also identifies and contacts prospective new members.  In addition, this group updates the Syosset – Jericho Tribune subscription list.


The committee is responsible for recruiting, interviewing and nominating member to serve as BCA Directors and Officers on the Executive Board. 


BCA members are eligible to take advantage of specially negotiated BCA pricing for home heating oil.

In addition, BCA members are eligible to take advantage of the specially negotiated virtually all-encompassing Service Contract.

Publication and Publicity

The Publicity Committee is responsible for publicizing BCA meetings, local events, and special issues. The group provides articles to the Syosset-Jericho Tribune as well as keeping residents up to date on local issues via regular e-mails.

Town Planning          

The Town Planning Committee serves as a liaison to the Town of Oyster Bay with respect to any and all TOBAY issues.  Recent activities include negotiating with the Town Highway Department with regard to community needs and desires as pertains to recent as well as upcoming resurfacing of East Birchwood roads.   The Committee – along with its Cerro Wire Sub-Committee - also represents the BCA in the Cerro Wire Coalition’s effort to monitor and stop the Mall at Oyster Bay (Robbins Lane).  In addition, this group serves as liaison with other local groups as regards the proposal for the Town of Oyster Bay instituting a Robbins Lane Moratorium in order to develop a logical plan for the Robbins Lane Corridor.

Traffic and Safety

The Traffic and Safety Committee represents the BCA’s interests and interacts with the Town of Oyster Bay and the Police Department on traffic and safety issues.  Recent activities have included efforts to decrease speeding on Birchwood Park Drive.